Income Tax Clinic

Do you feel frustrated as Tax season approaches? Do you hope to benefit from the Free Income Tax Clinic? Calgary Chinese Community Service Association can help you! Every year during the tax season, the Canada Revenue Agency’s Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) will be established in different communities and free income tax clinics will be opened for those who are eligible for the service. The objective of the CVITP is to help eligible individuals who are not able to prepare their income tax and benefit returns by themselves. It is intended to ensure that all taxpayers have equal access to the tax system.

In April, CCCSA is honored to have the CVIPT volunteers to come and set up the Free Income Tax Clinic. This service aims to help low-income individuals who have satisfied specific requirement as outlined in the program. The service is delivered by appointments. Should you want to know more about Free Income Tax Clinic, please call (403)-265-8446 or visit the Canada Revenue Agency Website

*Note: Income Tax Clinic is only available in official tax season.

1406 Centre St NE, Calgary
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