Radio Program CCCSA Radio Boardcasting Program - My Home In Calgary

CCCSA's radio program is a boardcasting outlet of various aspects of life. The topics of our radio programs ranges from discussion of issues like Chinatown safety, parking, civic participation, youth volunteerism, tenant landlord issues, health  workers' rights and resources, and anything that relates to a citizen's well-being. Every month, we also introduce ine topic about public service to the audiences so that theie awarness towards civic matters would increase. Through the radio channel, CCCSA was able to reach out to the community and learn about the resources that are benefical for them.


CCCSA's program will take place on every Friday morning at 10:00am featured at Farichild Radio at FM 94.7. For radio boardcasting schedule and topic of discussions, please visit

1406 Centre St NE, Calgary
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