Stepping Stones : English Literacy Program

Language barrier has always been a challenge for those who have just immigrated to Canada. In order to help immigrants to enhance their English ability and get accustomed to the language, the Stepping Stone ESL Class in CCCSA is held three times a year. Specifically designed for beginners, the English class is taught by professional instructors who will use English and Chinese as the language of teaching. Throughout the course, the instructors will use both languages to assist students in understanding the basics of English. Furthermore, the course also aims to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Stepping Stone ESL class is comprised of three levels ranging from beginner, intermediate and advance. Depending on the students’ level, they will be allocated into different classes. In addition, we also offer a pre- and pro-test to track students’ performance and improvements.

Recruitment for ESL Stepping Stone Class usually starts every February, May, September and each semester is 3months long.

Should you are interested in joining our ESL classes; please call (403)265-8446 for further information and registration. 


Computer Enhanced ESL Program

Computer Enhanced ESL Program is a multicultural program that offers English instruction to Canadian Citizens, and Permanent Residents with low literacy. The aim of “Computer-Enhanced ESL Literacy” is twofold: 1) to reach financially barriered adult ESL learners who have low level literacy skills and who demonstrate a need for further educational opportunities, and 2) to effectively include technological skills within adult ESL literacy learning. This program offers ESL literacy instruction taught by qualified instructors with a focus on increasing learners’ reading, writing, listening and speaking and digital literacy and aims to help learners gain confidence when interacting in the community and when using digital technologies. It also aims to make learners more independent when interacting in the community. 


Student Testimonial: Stories from students attending the Stepping Stones program

Story one(Beginner’s level)

Ms. Tai came to Canada 20years ago. She first started her English study in a local LINC school. As she didn’t receive much education in her first language in Mainland China, it was harder for her to learn English. She stopped going to English class in the LINC school for quite a while before she came to Stepping Stone program at CCCSA this February. She joined two consecutive classes and found that what she learned is very useful in her daily life especially when she greets people, goes shopping, asks for directions, describes the weather and orders food. In order to improve herself, she said she practices her English as often as possible so that she can understand her colleagues and others. She recalled that even though there were many learning resources in the LINC school, she couldn’t understand; she also felt pressurized when the teacher asked her to participate in some speaking activities. She was afraid of being laughed at by others. She came to Stepping Stone English class consistently for the past six months, and found that having a Chinese-speaking teacher can help to explain concepts to her clearly and she can learn how to use English in her daily life. Also, she felt more comfortable having her Chinese-speaking students around to discuss. She felt safe in this environment. She was very motivated to come to the class despite the bad weather. She appreciates the teachers’ patience and she will come back to the English class in Stepping Stone program to make further progress.


Story two (intermediate level)

Ms. Fung and his husband immigrated into Canada several years ago with her daughter. Ms. Fung is already now 65 years old, but she is still interested in English learning. She told us that she took English class in a LINC school when she just came to Canada. By that time, she worked in daytime while taking English class in evenings. As she learned German in China and didn’t know much English, she felt it really difficult to pick up English in the immersion classes. She could learn some English words, but was not able to speak a full sentence. She came to the Stepping Stone program two years ago where she learned some English grammar and also some useful English sentences. She picked English up quickly because the teacher could explain the grammar and sentence structures more explicitly in Chinese - her own language. Unfortunately, her eye problem had once made her unable to come to class, but when she gets better after her operation, she came back to Stepping Stone program immediately as she didn’t want to waste time and really want to communicate in English with others. Since she returned, she had taken up 2 English classes and her instructor found her to be the one of the most hard-working students in the class. She will take notes in class and ask question after class. She has a notebook, in it she translated an English passage given by the teacher called “The Average Canadian” into Chinese. She said she understood the passage well and she even uses what she learned from the reading passage in her conversation with some native speakers in a conversation club. She always wears a smile and sometimes even burst out into laughter while talking to the teacher or her classmates. She said she is very satisfied and excited every time she finishes her class. She thought that bilingual class has helped her a lot in improving her reading comprehension and building confidence in using English. She now can interpret for her husband when they both went out shopping, taking bus, booking a room in a hotel when they travel even though her English is not the best. Besides, the community-based English class has helped her to make more friends and they often share English learning experiences and encourage each other. Though Ms Fung has some trouble both in her eyesight and her legs, she will continue to join the English class as she is eager to learn more.

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